Cause my mother     ... Intro ...    ... One of his Belgians
language     is                                  ... A color
quite  far away                                    ... Spike
from yours - My          ... To defame by color continuously
     mysterious  ... Timid helicopter for women not levitate
outlandish                        ... Mucous and sex-starved
friend    - you                     ... Preciously eavesdrop
won't find here         ... Path of the formerly monkey peak
the best pieces                        ... Straight to pique
      - but you                ... Persuade by timbered cock
    could learn                                  ... Zincify
Slovak, as I                   ... Where is the mush hidden?
have    already                                ... Engage in
suggested to                                 ... Undeveloped
you in contests  ... Peddler selling of red prickly blossoms
previously - it             ... Harry is a strict nondrinker
will be here  -                                  ... Dimness
certainly     -                          ... Around Richmond
two hundred
times more                                          ... Back
for you.
Everywhere. But
you  still find
something here,
perhaps    in a
few years, will
     my English
    skills more
refined and
I'll add here
something  only
for you:  It is
maddeningly sad
- that it's not
transferable  -
 it is also one
 of the reasons
      why I try
to draw.
  The answer is
down   when you
put  forefinger
on the word -
More  - at that
time   a little
white     frame
will appear and
the Word    and
Thought Chain
will be in.
        Wonder.                           © 2024 Peter Krutek