In the morning: I met Orpheus on the cellar stairs:
I was still boozy of the evening:
and I was thinking about that punch: years ago:
when I saw you in a white apricot dress - then you had that smile yet - which Danae gave to her gilded umbrella:
the apricot dress of a little prostitute: who asked me for a fire a few years later:
but back then: I had little even for myself -
my missed look at you: the way you leave:
Perseus's memories of a small wooden vaulting - so what?!
I'm  asking that beautiful singer impatiently:
but I don't really care:
to breathe entails the breasts:
the gift cups that you poured on my face finally:
the time loops in curtains -
a spellbound peacock: who looked over shoulder one day
and marveled -  how sophisticated way - 
one can look at himself Euridica: