Pay only according to your property   and
      personality! For example:        you are a young
      lawyer, a top business manager - or a successful
      art dealer and furnishing a new office: You need
      original art for walls   - and really expensive!
      Let people stare enviously        Imagine: for a
      drawing with my signature -    I will also issue
      you a Certificate with an extraordinary amount:


             And if you can prove:         that you're
      worth it - for example:     you will come in new
      black Mercedes in an expensive suit  and enchant
      me with arrogant behavior - or          - with a
      triumphant smile     - you'll throw your account
      statements       and photos of your aristocratic
      housing - into my poor face   - or lewd facebook
      documentation of your holiday:          so I can
      guarantee you:   that you will pay a really huge
      price - I'll make it just for you!   No one will
      have the same! 
             Just you!
             And people will know it!


            Pay only according to your property    and