One such promising day,       ... Intro ...        ... First
also for me,        the                           ... Second
morning came      and I                            ... Third
couldn't  draw anymore.
That's how  I hated it.                             ... Back
The whole every-morning
ritual  that made me so
happy  for three years,
I was   probably killed
by routine,    or I was
just fucked up     - as
always  after some time
and then I have to find
a way forward. But now:
it was serious,  no and
no,           I forever
reconciled myself  to a
normal life  to the end
       and without art,
     without literature
and without music   and
without coffee, which I
also didn't like!   But
in the end,  it grabbed
me once again    in the
bus and   I knew: it is
here!   But look out, I
speak to myself,   Boy,
        you have to pay
       attention to the
routine, no regularity:
I invented,    or I had
read somewhere  before,
that in difficult times
a person no - he has to
persevere,  but he just
has to come back,  best
until childhood   and I
remembered - how I love
white notebooks,  since
I was a child,    how I
founded them  with love
and decorate   them the
most beautifully,   and
that, in general, every
good freak  in American
movies,         has his
notebook         with a
beautiful     drawings,
which he still has with
him - when it starts to
   twitch him anywhere,
so as:    he could make
for it a passage to the
light anywhere.                            © 2022 Peter Krutek