This night  has     ... Intro ...   ... Koševého 25 
      chocolate                  ... Sokolovského 1 
     ovulation:                    ... Rybalkova 10   
therefore: I'll                     ... Lenardova 4
make  the rain-                  ... Jilemnického 6
   coat special                     ... Záhradná 44
    with water-
colors.    On a                            ... Back
licorice  boat:
     for a long
time:     I was
afraid:   that:
everyone  would
find out:   how
scared    I am.
Land     coated
with pink lids:
in  the morning
I'll finish the
dream   roughly
I'll    concoct
sheet music   -
   from spotted
dress. But they
are rather eyes
black eyes: you
have to   go to
bed.    Is that
shape    called
somehow?  Round
Gothic ellipse?
Double   tipped
    hyperbola ♪
She  looks back
     with black
eyes:  I write:
   in the stave
around the ring
that: there are
two castles and
a cake:  in the
   punching bag                  © 2024 Peter Krutek