Already from the     ... Intro ...        ... Is it fraud: everything that's not true? 
twelfth:    with                                                          ... The Luck 
a    few breaks:                                                       ... I'm in love 
impudently   and                     ... Just a small price for the most beautiful lie
 ostentatiously:                      ... Direct interpretation of an unprocessed self
I grants a prize                                         ... The most beautiful circus  
for   causing in                                                     ... The first sip
me - the heavily
complex      and                                                              ... Back      
consisting  of a
shimmering clear
bliss:      warm
      and lavish
positive   envy.
For myself:    I
named this:   in
   my own words:         
      the truth.
There  are often
other     ladies
inside:  such as
beauty:  poetry:
handwork:     or
brute     force.
But    the truth
is: I guess: the
  word which is:
   in this case:
   most hugging.
The prize can be
won    mainly by
the artist:  but
actually      by
anyone -
 whoever causes
this to my soul:
but also   to my
body: it rumbles
and      rattles
in my chest:  it
burns in my ears
or loins - it is
just strong  and
The prize    for
      the winner
is simple:    He
can rightly  and
forever to boast
with the  title:
       The Poet.                                                    2024 © Peter Krutek