We're looking at a portrait of a world famous star from India:   at the
likeness one of today's most talented actresses: but at the same time: beneath
the predatory and generous lines: concealed: finely knitted:      the abstract
composition -  which Master made in the several feverish months of this summer

       He: deliberately: left Alia's image lightly nondescript:     as he said
personally   - to underlined the essence of femininity: which he grounded into
the painting - only the face and lines are tangible:        the rest is highly
abstract - taken directly from the artist's mind: and placed right in front of
you on paper:

       "I want: a lady standing in front of a painting to feel:  how wonderful
it is: to be a woman - but also dark ancient and animalistic     (Aren't those
beautiful bare feet a little sweaty?)"

       "That hand: as if just hanging there: oh!" "Besides that:      she is a
brilliant actress: she is the most beautiful woman in the world   - her beauty
touches me so much ... but she didn't cause it: she didn't contribute to it in
any way: or only a little - it's an unfair beauty ... "
       "How many hair do you have Alia ?!"

       "Is it a scornful look - or heartbroken  - full of kind understanding -
whether: lustful as summer  - or curses you like water demon that breathed her

       After such passionate words it is obvious   - to write any amount under
the picture - it would not be only indecent   - but at the most outrageous and
perverse - and the master will certainly save it for himself       - so he can
immerse his proud eyes every day inside

       Peter Krutek - "Alia"           - Graphite on paper - 80x60cm - not for

       Into this spectacular abstract composition      - Peter Krutek grounded
masterfully: melted fragments of his bizarre childhood and juniority:    which
took place in several places of the famous Bratislava housing estate Petržalka

        How else - he chose one of the most controversial techniques     - for
which academically educated artists are cruelly punished.      Yes: the master
heroically allowed himself to smear graphite!

        He does not shade by hatching!

        Not to be the world acclaim: which accompanies Master Peter      - the
vast majority of the art-historical community:   would immediately avert their
fragile eyesight:   and would not be able to look at the picture even fleetly.
(Some graduated artists would surely spit on the ground with disgust!)

        According to individual details - fortunately    - which we're serving
you here subtly - must be for everyone    - even in such a massively processed
eye - immediately clear: that this is a work more than unusual  - even unique!

        And if we tell you that the painting can be hung upturn  - upside down
and its statement will remain just as passionate    - if not more passionate -
you will certainly already fully understand that its value cannot be expressed
in any monetary way.

       Peter Krutek - "Rybalkova 10" - Graphite on paper       - 100x70cm - 
not for sale!

       What is this? Seriously?!         Is Author playing with us here slyly? 
Or does he misleading us terribly? Is it a perfunctorily bare woman     - or a
monumental abstraction? Is it nasty kitsch or the purest art?

       Master Peter himself said:  that if she stood up she would spill around
in gray grains:       "The painting needs to be maintained in a slightly humid
environment - because if dries up too much      - it could be corrupted by the
sighs of a stunned viewer "

       "Here you can see:       how the pencil was elevated above the arrogant
brushes: and the gray disrespected color: over the all ones.   And look at the
technique: buddy - that's embroidered!"

       Peter Krutek brought a realistic act back to great art!

       Already the refined name   (recalling that: among other things: we have
the honor with a great poet here)  suggests that: this is a breakthrough work:
which will admired by visitors of Paris's Louvre once   - and therefore: it is
more than axiomatic: that its price is highly incalculable


       "No. Venus can't hang. She has to lie!"

       Peter Krutek - "..." - Graphite on paper - 80x60cm - not for sale!