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From an early age: I used to have these huge ideas:
to piling Saharas: bees at the labor office - as huge as sweeping a cosmodrome: those memorable sweepers -
and: at the same time: delicately flavored:
gentle carousel of bureaucracy in public toilets
somewhere on the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy: a cracked concrete highway at Oberon: The Atlantic Sculptural Quarry:
Yes: this is how: I try to rise a little above the provinciality of Milky Way:
And you too: My Personal Comet: I made you up:
just like myself: and you became:
I didn't want to dash like moon for the news: the dust has no expression here
(  self-adhesive carpets: double-sided interiors - new hit -
new home accessories for living in the weightlessnes )
I haven't returned the little black hole: which I formerly got for viewing only:
and the morning: doesn't have enough light for me: when you're not in the sky here: